Cameron Bailey: A New Kind of Beautiful โ€“ The Journey of an Aspiring Model

Cameron Bailey: A New Kind of Beautiful – The Journey of an Aspiring Model

Cameron Bailey, born in 1988 in Huntsville, Texas, is an American model of Italian and Irish origin. From a small town, Bailey has made a remarkable journey to New York City, pursuing a career in the modeling industry. He has a unique and inspiring story that resonates with many aspiring models who come from places with limited opportunities in the industry​1​.

Bailey was scouted in a mall in 2008 and soon after signed for a campaign with Tommy Hilfiger. His career quickly took off, and he landed campaigns with renowned brands such as “Calvin Klein”, “Emporio Armani”, “Levi’s”, and “Diesel”​2​. Apart from modeling, Bailey enjoys spending time with friends, skim-boarding, surfing, and snowboarding. His love for adventure and fun reflects in his personality, making him a relatable figure to many of his followers.

Recently, Bailey has been featured in the Italian Vanity Fair magazine, photographed by Chris Craymer. This feature is a significant milestone in his career, demonstrating his growing influence in the international modeling scene​3​.

In a more recent development, Bailey has joined the TV series “A New Kind of Beautiful,” presented by The Fashion Hero. He sees this as a great step towards promoting diversity in the model industry. Despite not having the biggest muscles or the most modeling experience, Bailey believes that if he can become the face of Fashion Hero, it shows that anyone can make it in the industry​4​. This message is particularly empowering for aspiring models who may not fit the traditional mold of what a model ‘should’ be.