How do girls become webcam models?

Video performers who live stream on the Internet are called webcam models. They are also known as cam models and camgirls. Such babes first appeared when web cameras became affordable and their popularity keeps rising thanks to all the technological advances. Nowadays, camming is a huge business niche that brings a lot of money and is often associated with porn. However, modeling isn’t all about live webcam sex. Each camgirl decides on her own how naked she wants to be and whether to actually do anything sex-related or just slight erotica. Still, the question remains: why do women become webcam models and how do they do it?


Webcam modeling has its own rules and peculiarities. It’s not as simple as porn and the need to satisfy only sexual desire. Cam models fulfill numerous needs, including emotional ones. 


There are certain steps each girl makes to be able to cam.

1. Finding a website

The right website is the key to success. Some websites can be pretty harsh in terms of money and take away up to 95% of what the girl makes. So, this decision is important. FireCams is known as one of the best options for camming. Plus, it has a number of interactive features, like Super Buzz. Such perks are really fun for both the performer and the client.  

2. Registering

Filling out all the information, writing interesting information to appeal to all the potential visitors – is the first important task. The catchier the chick writes about herself, the bigger the chances are of her obtaining first clients faster.

3. Setting up a place to live stream

Most babes live stream from the comfort of their own homes, usually the bedroom. It’s quite important to keep the place neat, but it’s even more important to create a  relaxing atmosphere, which will attract clients and make them feel excited or calm, depending on an emotion the models want her visitors to feel.

4. Camming

Once everything is set, the model starts to live stream. At first, it’s necessary to work long hours. Then, when there are plenty of loyal clients, it’s important to have a schedule. The best results can be achieved when clients know when their darling is online, to plan the time accordingly. Plus, the perfect time for camming is after the business hours, when men just want to relax and have fun.

5. Moving forward

It’s useful to listen to clients to be able to keep learning and improving. How about new sexy lingerie or new bedsheets? How about a new haircut or new contact lenses to change the color of your eyes? Constant change is one of the best options to keep the attention and not to seem boring.


So, why would a girl want to be a webcam model? Well, many reasons make girls thinking about performing on camera: flexible schedule, financial stability, the necessity of working from home, or even more important ones – curiosity and desire to experiment. If you want to find out more, chat with the real webcam models on FireCams – they have all the answers.