What makes men’s leaked nudes so attractive?

Too long has the world been preoccupied with women’s nudes. Even before the internet came to be what it is today, paparazzi have been stalking various popular celeb teens and lavish mature ladies in order to bring us their steamy bodies in ways we’ve never seen them before. Then came the internet and pictures started leaking left and right. From innocent images of see-through clothes and downblouse shots with perky tits and nipples barely showing, to full-blown leaked sex tapes where hot singers and actresses get their holes ravaged in ways you’ve never thought possible. And then came the infamous Fappening that swept the world by storm and changed the way we see those people forever.

Fortunately for many, that was the time when plenty of male nudes got leaked as well. Suddenly, the mainstream media was swarming with chiseled abs, pretty and manly faces, big muscles, athletic bodies, throbbing dicks, and shaven balls. However, it should come as no surprise that female nudes still dominate the internet. Though the ratio is slowly shifting and balance is being established, there are still a lot more famous nude ladies online than there are men. It’s only natural considering men are visual creatures while women often get off on different things. That is not to say girls don’t enjoy a beautiful male body. After all, best free sex games online are being played by all horny folks, regardless of your sex, gender, or preference. We live in the 21st century and boundaries are being lifted and blurred more and more. With all different kinds of porn genres and websites available nowadays, you won’t see even a percentage in your lifetime. The upside, though, is that we keep being introduced to new ways of having dirty fun. Those range from captivating and interactive experiences to simple men’s nudes.

After all, who wouldn’t want to appreciate a stunning male’s physique? Girls love naked bodies just as much as men do. They might look at those from a different angle but they still love seeing a firm ass, rock hard abs, or big, buff biceps. Strong and wide backs have forever been an object of desire and many ladies get wet just thinking about having a big, strong man pounding them into multiple intense orgasms. And let’s not even get into dick picks. If you see a girl saying she doesn’t like seeing a good cock, you can be sure she’s lying. As for men, even straight guys admire a fit figure. They see something they aspire to be one day after hitting the gym. And gay or bi guys straight-up love watching naked men. In the end, great sex simulator games have both guys and girls nude in them. Things get even better if the man is a celebrity. Every single feeling gets increased tenfold. Suddenly, even straight guys swoon over popular athletes, singers, and actors and marvel at the opportunity to see them in dirty action.